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Creating Safe and Positive Digital Citizens

The mission of Digital Citizenship Foundation is to create positive, healthy and safe children and families through digital citizenship education.

Our Purpose

We want to:
• Increase knowledge of digital citizenship concepts
• Change attitudes towards technology from one of fear to a more balanced approach
• Adjust behavior to technology so it can be used in a more positive and healthy way

Our programs


We provide services in digital citizenship education, the responsible and ethical use of technology.

Digital citizenship is a broad topic that includes online safety, media literacy, digital communication, digital literacy, understanding the digital economy, online privacy and how to use technology in a healthy and positive way.

Who we serve


We teach children digital literacy basics, vocabulary, what's public versus private and finding a healthy balance.


We teach teens more about the online systems that can influence them and work to empower them to make their own choices.


We encourage families to model healthy online behavior and help them create rules and routines in their home.

We are new and excited to grow with you!

Learn more about Digital Citizenship Foundation

Digital Citizenship Foundation is a nonprofit based in Utah working to fill the gap in direct services and provide free resources for parents and families. Stay tuned for more to come!

We provide in-person classes to students and families in Utah. Each class covers one area of digital citizenship.

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